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Limo Booking Tips

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When booking a limo it is important to follow some ground rules.

1. Make sure you know the number of people who will definitely be coming, as booking a limo for 9 people and then on the day numbers drop to 7 will cost you money, as generally limos come in the following sizes. 8 10 12 14 16.

2. Once you have definite numbers look for local limo companies and try not to book via brokers, as a local company based near you will use there own limos, if you use a broker they will charge a hefty commission then probably pass it to a local company.

3. Once you have found the company and are ready to book, make sure you have at least 2 quotes from two different companies and compare them like for like, for example make sure they are both providing the same limo, as a lincoln town car limo is generally different in price than a chrysler.

4. Book with a local company and always ask for a booking confirmation, and make sure you read their terms and conditions, as some companies will not even refund you if they don't turn up.
5. Generally be aware of companies who want full payment in advance, if you agree to this they wont try hard to please you, and may not even turn up or give you an excuse a few days before that the limo is broken down, but if you pay a deposit and then cash on the day, they have no choice but to try their hardest. is a trusted limo partner.

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